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Friday Advice

Hello Kiddos!!!

Happy Friday!!!

For most of you, today is payday. If you’re like me, most of your paycheck is earmarked for things that you need to pay, leaving you with an unsubstantial amount until your next pay check. In response to this, most Americans are tightening their belts. (Personally I can’t tighten my belt any more. It would be gratifying to say that I am on my last belt hole, but I had to make another belt hole, and I am not referring to my finances, you know what I mean!!! Damn tacos! )


I have taken it upon myself to become your personal financial advisor. Now we are not going down the traditional route. I feel that it has been done. And besides who needs to invest in cds and high yield accts with banks are failing or investing (can you say ponzi!!!)  What better way to save then an old fashion piggy bank!!! It won’t fail or take your money. Be sure you get one with a stopper at the bottom because you never know when you need to take money to pay a bill, food, auto repairs, food and you know, food. The best part: no penalties to retrieve your own money. I know what you’re thinking. What about interest? I got you!!! Let’s say you put in x dollars in miss piggy, on your next pay check put in a little something extra or use your spare change when you come back from McDonalds. Putting in this extra money will represent the interest you could be earning. The best part is you can control the interest rates. Hell if you want 20% you got 20% (just put in more money!!!) nothing to it!!!

There are also many things that you can do around your house to save money. For example unless it’s made from a material other than cotton, you don’t have to separate your cloths. Jeans socks undies shirts. Cotton is cotton and nothing will happen to it, trust me.

Now a money waster is fabric softener. In my opinion, it doesn’t leave your clothes all that soft. So you could go without. If you want that clean smell in your cloths then buy some body spray. One sprits per article of clothing will last longer than the fabric softener and you still will get the gain fresh smell!

Another tip: walk!! Or use public transportation, trust me it’s awesome!!

You don’t have to waste your money on buy mp3’s anymore. Here is a good alternative, listen to the radio more. It’s free and they might play your song. I know that they won’t play it often but it would make that song more special. Or you can hit up your friends for songs. Know the meaning of a hook up.

You don’t need to waste money buying expensive concert tickets. YouTube is full of amateur videos of your favorite artist in concert. Just hit full screen and enjoy. I realize that internet service is also a little pricy and that is an expense we can cut, but don’t worry, there are many Wi-Fi hotspots that you can to enjoy free internet, but remember don’t waste gas, walk or ride a bike. You get fresh air and some exercise.

Now I know what you’re going to ask me. Oh wise one, but what if I want to splurge. Listen HEB is loaded with free samples on Saturdays! All I am saying is load up and pretend to shop! As your new financial advisor, I will be implementing these new changed asap: furthermore any more tips and/or suggestions on saving money is much obliged

Until next time

Remember anything battered and deep fried is your friend!!!

*angelthegreat is not qualified to give financial advise. For proper saving and investments, please contact a financial planner.


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