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2012 Fall TV Season

So, here we are, in the middle to the 2012 TV premiere season. At this point, a good portion of the TV shows that the networks hope will be the next hit, have premiered, and the current offerings range from interesting to what were they thinking?

In the era where there are hundreds of channels, and thousands of hours of programming, networks are trying to grab your attention. Aside from TV, we have internet, and phones, movies, Netflix, and thousands of other distractions, so they are desperately trying to grab our attention.  Not just a couple of seconds, but for the entirety of the program.

Due to the aforementioned plethora of channels, I am going to focus on the major four english networks, and the CW. Not to dump on cable, I personally think that some of the better shows air on cable. Also, the reason that I say english channels is that Univision is gaining traction when it comes to viewers, beating out the major networks on most nights.  Anyho…

During this 2012 season, these networks are going flump 38 new shows for our pleasure and enjoyment. And when I say enjoyment, I really mean, watching a show, in all its cringe-worthy goodness, crash and burn, then have the network sweep away the ashes under the rug of failed TV shows, to be replaced by reruns until a mid season replacement can fill its slot and make the audience forget about it and make us stop wondering who is actually running the network.

(To see a list of the new shows, and their premiere dates click here)

In a time when creativity and originality is running close to empty in Hollywood, the networks will try any concept if they think that the audience will buy into it. Thus we come to our freshman class of 2012. These young hopefuls beat out other pilots vying for airtime, like adolescents trying to climb the social ladder. Now just because they get a shot on prime time, does not guarantee a hit. For every show that gets picked up, there are dozens that don’t see the light of day, (expect some where online like YouTube). Some pilots have us wondering why they passed them up, while others have us sighing in relief, (NBC’s Wonder Woman anyone).

So, out of these 38 shows, only a select few will air a full season (or their initial episode order) and a smaller few will see a second season, so don’t get too attached.

Looking into the selection for this season, some shows have a great premise, a good story, and great actors attached, (The Following, Nashville) that show potential. Others sound like a great idea, but leave me wondering how they can go past the first season, (666 Park, The Following, Last Resort). Then there are others that just don’t make sense. (The Neighbors, the Animal Doctor). If past TV seasons have taught us anything is that any idea can be successful. Who would have thought that a show about a glee club would successful, or that a strong premise like American Horror Story, that has a beginning, middle and end type of story, found a way to air multiple seasons. So…. any of these shows have a shot.

Ultimately it is up to us, the viewers, to assure the networks that they made a good decision in green lighting pilots.

Personally, I will be keeping my eye on a few shows that I find promising, hoping they last more than three episodes. (I’m praying for a full season)

The Following, 666 Park, Nashville and Malibu Country are just a few. The latter only because I am a fan of Reba, (the show) and I hope they will capture a fraction of what humor that that show had.

So Kiddos, what do you think? Are you excited about the freshman class? Do you see any hits or stinkers in the bunch?  Will some of them rise to popularity, exelling in the rating, instilling fear on those who struggle to find their footing, a la Regina George. Or will they get slushed in the face upon arrival?

The premieres have only started, so only time will tell. In the meantime, we can only predict the fatalities and mourn our losses, and hope that we won the pool for which show got cancelled.


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