Iphone 5


It’s been one full week since the iPhone 5 has been available to the public and along with it, incredible sales figures and some disappointment.

The IPhone 5 is one of the top selling phones. A record 5 million IPhones were sold in the first three days of its release. A staggering 2 million were sold within the first 24 hours.

Additionally, the new IOS6 was released two days prior on September 19, and an estimated 100 million IOS users have already upgraded to IOS6.

Anticipation for the new IOS device was high. When Tim Cook unveiled the new IPhone many people wanted the new phone, in their hands instantly. I personally have an IPhone, and I don’t see the need to upgrade. But many people did. And in their hope of being the first ones with the new device, many waited in line for days, some as long as a week.

There were also some individuals who couldn’t wait for the actual release, or paying for the actual phone, that they opted to steal the phones instead. Kyodo News reported that 200 IPhone 5 were stolen from three retail outlets in Sakai, lbaraki and Osaka Japan.

Reports also came in stating that around 250 IPhones were stolen from the O2 Store in the Tandem Centre in Colliers Wood near Wimbledon.

With the new IPhone, many users were expecting a major change, with speculation on the phones abilities ranging from practical to absurd. What we do know is that with an IPhone launch, there will be some type of malfunction.

Previously, when the IPhone 4 was release, reports came in of an alleged death grip, when the phone will lose signal if held a certain way.

So far no reports have come in about malfunctions with the device itself, but the new IOS did disappoint.

And this comes in the form of the new Maps app. With the new IOS, the original map app was replaced by an app designed by Apple themselves. The new map app has received a lot of criticism, that there is even a Tumblr page showing some of its faults.

In a press release, released today, Tim Cook essentially apologizes for the bad app saying, “We fell short on this commitment” and “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.”  In an unprecedented move, Apple is directing its customers to use their rival’s apps which include Google, the very app that it tried to replace.

A company as big as Apple should have waited until the Maps worked flawlessly, thus making IOS user forget about or even complain about Google maps and its functionality.

I’m sure that Apple will resolve this issue since this is a sour spot on what is a better IOS system.

Other issues reported were Wi-Fi connections and passbooks inability to connect to iTunes have since been resolved.

At this point, we expect a better experience every time we upgrade, which begs the questions, Should Apple wait longer when releasing new versions of the IPhone or IOS?

True, there is no charge to upgrade your IOS, but with glitches that occurred with the new roll out, will focusing on functionality be a bad thing? I would rather wait and have an IOS that both functions properly and blows the competition with new features, but that’s just me. There’s also the question of buyers fatigue. How long can Apple release IPhones until consumers stop buying them?

So what do you guys think? Should Apple have waiting in releasing Maps? Should they space out the releases of subsequent devices and IOS upgrades? Do you have an iPhone 5 and was it worth the upgrade?

We can fully expect to have the IPhone 5 sell even more devices as people upgrade their phones to have the newest tech toy on the market. I, for one, will stick to my regular phone.



3 thoughts on “Iphone 5

  1. One more thing you forgot to mention is that the new Iphone 5 tends to scratch alot easyier than the previous models, belive it or not i considet it a major drawback. But overall i do enjoy the iphone5

    1. Yea… I heard a lot of bad things from it so i stuck with my 4s… You already have to be careful with any iPhone you get since they are so sensitive…

  2. I don’t have the iphone 5 and I’m not thinking of upgrading from iphone 4s yet. Since I was still disappointed when I upgraded from iphone 4 to 4s, Siri doesn’t work well. Apple seems to be in a hurry to release newer versions of iphones…

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