Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween. A day that a slut can show her true colors without being judged, where kids come to our doors and asks for candy and its ok even though we teach them that on any other day that is not acceptable.

Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve) was originally influenced by European harvest festivals and festival for the dead, with possible pagan roots. This holiday has both Celtic and Christian influences, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the holiday turned into the poor excuse for the sluttiness, drunken debauchery, candy driven holiday that we know and love today.

There is nothing wrong with this holiday (expect the registered sex offenders out there). But one doesn’t have to list the costumes that are available. One look into any costume shop and you can find a sexy (insert harmless character here), and that’s why I love this holiday. I didn’t know how sexy a pineapple could be, and now I think I developed a fetish?

After all the sluttiness and candy sugar high wears off, and all the sexy, SpongeBob’s, Librarians and Gnome go back to being regular insecure woman, comes El Dia De los Muertos. This holiday is celebrated in Mexico and other cultures. A 360 from Halloween, this holiday brings together family and friends to pray and remember passed loved one. Altars are built and decorated using Sugar Skulls, Marigolds, and favorite foods and drinks of the departed.

Dia De Los Muertos

This year Halloween fell on a Wednesday. 😦 , so all the partying was done the weekend before. Well mostly. To the children who are going trick or treating tonight, I strongly suggest caution. Go in groups, always stay with an responsible adult, (Yes, I have to use the word responsible because adults now a days…..) and let your parents check your candy.

For all the adults, stay in and watch a scary movie, give out candy to trick or treaters or go out and enjoy the last day of Halloween fun. Be sure to take a coat so you can cover yourself during your walk of shame, (you too fellas) and remember that some of you have to work in the morning.

Happy Halloween


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