The Summer of 2012

Summer 2012

Summer is over and Winter is approaching.

Christmas, Halloween just passed, Thanksgiving then New Years.

I think the holidays come in that order; they seem bundled together that I forget when one begins and one ends.

Which reminds me, Happy Hallowthankschristyears Day!!!.

SO…… We have to talk about songs of the summer.

The sun (heat), sand (dirt) and fun (eh). Summer 2012 is now a memory.

“Summer has come and past, the innocent can never last” Thanks Billy Joel. (I don’t think that’s right)

I am not referring to the songs that you listened to, or songs that remind you of whatever activity, hopefully legal, you did over the summer, or the songs that you put on your playlist. I am referring to the songs that were forced into our ears and singed into our brains.

Yes, those inescapable songs that were everywhere. They were played, overplayed, over done and over parodied.

Mentioning 2012, one has to, or is obligated to, mention THE song of the summer. I am referring to the Canadian import that dug into our pop culture, sneaking in like an overweight person sneaking cake, like a shart, like teenage boys sneaking porn, basically taking over shit. The song is “Call Me Maybe”. This song was everywhere, but somehow it managed to top the charts.

The following list is some of the songs that defined summer 2012. I am not saying that these are the best songs of the year, or the catchiest, but they were overplayed by radio standards. Every time you turn on the radio, they were played.

I am no radio DJ, nor do I work for any record label or for Billboard. What I do know is that when I turned on the radio, went on YouTube, or went to a store and they had music playing over head, these songs were playing. They were there like a bad ex that keeps coming back or an STD (because I don’t know anything about that).  These songs are the ones that if heard next year, would bring back memories of 2012. This list does not contain a wide variety of music genres. Its mostly Top 40, but that’s basically what gets over played.

The list will show their ranking from Billboards Top 100 and their certification to show that even though they were so annoying, people still purchased the songs. I am also linking them to their music video, if you want to watch them, they will be there. (Like me every Friday 🙂 )


Song Artist Peak Pos. Wks on chart Certification in US
Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepson 1 15 5x Platinum
Scream Usher 9 16
Where Have you Been Rihanna 5 26 Platinum
Titanium David Guetta 7 Double Platinum
Lights Ellie Goulding 2 45 Triple Platinum
Somebody That I Used to Know Goyte 1 45 6x Platinum
Payphone Maroon 5 2 0 3x Platinum
Boyfriend Justin Beiber 2 19 Double Platinum
Give your Heart a Break Demi Lovato 16 30 Platinum
Starships Nicki Minaj 5 0 Triple Platinum
What Makes You Beautiful One Direction 4 13 Triple Platinum
We Are Young Fun 3 0 5x Platinum
Wide Awake Katy Perry 2 53
Feel so Close Calvin Harris 12 Double Platinum
Whistle Flo Rida 1 22 Double Platinum

Now that the year is winding down, these songs will play themselves down, falling into obscurity where they belong. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong, and we get to see 2013. That’s when a new batch of songs emerge that will burn into our ear drums. Good times.

I am going to take you back to 2006 and show you the tops songs of the previous years. Not necessarily summer songs, but songs that were inescapable, ranging back 5-6 years.

This was some infused nostalgia, affirming that we are getting old.

Side Note: Whenever another year passes and you’re in your 20’s, it’s another year, but if you’re pushing 30, yeah, you’re getting old.

Ugh whatever another year.

The songs down below are listed by year, and in no specific order. If you want to go down memory lane and listen, you can click the title to see their videos.

Alright kiddos, hopefully I brought back some memories, and didn’t remind you of how old you’re getting.

Until next time


Top Songs 2011 Top Songs of 2008
1. Party Rock Anthem 1. Lollipop
2. Give Me Everything 2. Take a Bow
3. Rolling in the Deep 3. Bleeding Love
4. Last Friday Night 4. Forever
5. Super Bass 5. Disturba
6. E.T
Top 2007
Top Songs 2010 1. Party Like a Rockstar
1. Love the Way you Lie 2. Hey There Delilah
2. Airplanes 3. The Way I Are
3. OMG 4. Make Me Wonder
4. Dynamite 5. Beautiful Girls
5. Billionaire 6. Buy U A Drank
Top Songs 2009 Top 2006
1. Boom Boom Pow 1. Hips Don’t Lie
2. Knock You Down 2. Crazy
3. Fire Burning 3. Ridin
4. You Belong With Me 4. Buttons
5. I know You Want Me 5. Me and U
6. Waking up in Vegas

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