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My IPhone. I can’t live with it, I can’t live without it.

Seriously, I can’t live without it.

Apple released the original IPhone in 2007, and has continuously released updated versions that has garnered them a loyal following. #teamiphone.

For the most part, I’ve had an iPhone. I tried an android for three weeks and quickly went back to my Apple.

I am not one who thinks apple is the best and greatest, the device has its flaws. (Battery life), but I still prefer it.

Regardless, the IPhone has changed my life. It has made me realize one of my worst fears (a shattered screen) and shifted what I consider, the important things in my life.

For example, making sure that I have a charger when I leave my house is as important as making sure that I have my keys and wallet. This brings me to the Universal IPhone rule: when in a group of iPhone users, the iPhone with the lowest battery percentage gets the charger.

So….there you go.

Like a wife, having an I Phone can be expensive. The phone must be protected! Sometimes I carry my IPhone without a case. #thuglife. Also, let’s face it, iPhone covers are like condoms, you don’t want to but you kinda have to.

Joking aside, IPhones are extremely useful. I have compiled a list of some of the best apps that I personally use and enjoy and hopefully you will too.


PowercamPowercam  .99 cents

Spruce up your phone camera with this app which lets you add over 120+ effects. While adding them in real time.




Super8Super 8  .99 cents

No not the movie. This app lets you add vintage movie effects. Some better filters than Instagram




MovieAction Movie FX  Free

The title says it all. Be the next Michael Bay and direct your own action movie with your Iphone




sloproSlopro Free

WTF did I just record? Now you can slow down your movies to slow motion with this app.




cineCinegram Free

Now us muggles can view moving pictures a la Harry Potter. Like Instagram but with motion.




adobeAdobe Photoshop Express Free

(eating, move on to the next)




angryAngry Birds Star Wars .99 cents

These Birds, they’re angry, all the time, during seasons, down in Rio, through space, and now they are going to a galaxy far far away.




bad piggiesBad Piggies .99 cents

There is always two sides to every story and now it’s the pigs turn. If you get frustrated with the birds, then try your hands on the pigs.




clashClash of Clans Free

Waste of time 1





hayHay Day Fee

Waste of time 2





unoUno .99 cents

Because you gotta Uno





raymanjRayman Jungle Run .99 cents






lifeThe Game of Life .99 cents

If you suck at real life, why not try your hands on the classic game. If you fail at this game, then you’re a double loser.




pintrestPintrest Free

A collection of stuff that you want to do, but never get around to doing it.




foursquareFoursquare Free

This handy app tells you how many times you’ve been to a certain location. Like the bars. 12 times.  In a week. Yeah you might have a problem.




3d Animation + Emoji’s .99 cents

Cuz who doesn’t like Emoji’s, and they move!! Shut it!!




shazamShazam Free

This app is for when you are out in the club, and a song comes on, and you’re like “that’s my jam!” but you don’t know the name of the song. or when you’re listening to the radio…. this app gots you.





radiIheartradio Free

Because who doesn’t like radio. You can listen to radio stations around the country. So if you’re bored with your station and you live on the east coast, tune in to what the west coast is listening to, or whatever……





discDiscovr Music Free

This app, like, discovers new music. Like, you put in a song and it, like, finds similar songs to it. Like.





moodMoodagent .99 Cents

Ok, so, check it. Say you’re feeling a little depressed. This app creates a playlist for you. Lets say your happy, it creates a list of happy songs that are in  your library! I wonder what a playlist for hungry looks like?



HipsterPocket Hipster Free

This is not for the mainstream. (insert lame hipster joke here) Get this app at least for the cartoon hipsters. Hilarious.




FlipboardFlipboard Free

Basically a social media viewer. You can view individual streams from Facebook, twitter, Flickr, instagram and tumblr. All in a convenient  place.





Gain FitnessGain Fitness Free

I be up in the gym just working on my fitness

That’s all.




MenueMenu Pages Free

Have you ever been in a restaurant that didn’t have prices on their menu’s and your like, “Damn, I might have to transfer some funds.” This app lets you know prices for menu’s even if they don’t show them.





RunKeeperRun Keeper Free

This handy app lets you know how many miles you ran and for how long. It also logs the trail that you used so you can see your progress. And it also works for walking.




stumbleuponStumble Upon Free


This is great for finding new content online, or other blogs.



There you have it. Some of these apps I use more than others, but they are still resourceful. So what do you think? Have you used any of them? Which ones have I missed? What apps do you use that are must-haves? What do you think about IPhones in general? #teamiphone or #teamandorid? Or #teamtobroketocare. Let me know down below.



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