Good Afternoon Internet Peeps

Welcome to the New Year.

2013!! Wow, and still no flying cars, huh? Oh well at least we have blankets with sleeves on them.
So right now, I am tired of hearing people say: “New Year, New Me.”

No. if that was true, you would have changed last year, but your still pretty much fucked up.

Seriously, its good to have goals to better yourself.
For example, I am not saying that I am going to exercise more or diet. I am aiming for something more realistic, like eating two donuts a day instead of four. (baby steps).

The New Year brings forward issued that I might touch on later.

Shootings and gun control, the Flu epidemic, CES!! and the fiscal cliff, and thats what you missed on Glee.

Honestly I hope everyone has a great year. Forget about 2012 (unless it was good) and focus on the future. Before we know it 2014 will be upon us and when we look back let us see progress not negativity and repitition.

Until next week




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