Its finally Friday!

Hello Internet.

We have made it another week.


So let’s jump into this week’s topics.

This past Wednesday Manti Te’o came forward declaring that he had been a victim of a hoax. His alleged girlfriend, who he claimed died of leukemia, was a fake. WHAT! I know, he was cat fished. Details are still emerging from this story. Some believe that he was a victim while others state he knew all along. What I get from this is basically, two years without seeing each other? Really? No Skype, face time?

This brings me to this.

Dating website

The site ( promises to get you a fake Facebook girlfriend. That’s right folks, for the price of  $39.99 you too can have a girlfriend. Don’t think that they just give you a picture, they create a whole profile, complete with cute comments and status updates.

According to ABC News, the site invites woman to offer their profiles for the site, with them receiving a share of the profit. Being the entrepreneurs that they are, for a fee of 19.99, they can also create a very fine ex-girlfriend profile, that way you can prove to your future girlfriend that you are not a lonely loser.

Moving on, INSTAGRAM,


If you are one of the millions of users of the photo sharing website, you are already familiar with the controversy that occurred a couple months ago. The photo app had made changes to its terms of service, which caused an outcry from any of its users, prompting many celebrities to threaten to jump ship. In its defense, Instagram came out, saying that it had no intentions of selling its users photo. The Facebook owned app has recently release it active user activity, and they have 90 million active user, previously Instagram said that it had 100 million registered users.

So I guess people didn’t jump ship after all.

One of the most looked forward to New Year’s Tradition, occurred in Mexico. A warlock has announced its predictions for 2013. No, I am not referring to Charlie Sheen, but instead to Antonio Vazquez a self-proclaimed warlock, who is known for his predictions being false.

He claimed a victory for Romney over Obama

Fidel Castro would die in 2008

-Germany would win the World Cup in 2006

Nonetheless, several reports flocked to Mexico City’s press conference to hear his predictions.

What’s coming in 2013?

-A new war in the Middle East

-Chaos in Venezuela

-A tough year for Obama


He also mentions the Late Jenni Rivera, stating that her death was not an accident. “The plane would not have exploded the way it did if it hadn’t been carrying a bomb” he was quoted as saying. Mexican officials have not revealed any evidence citing the plane exploding in the air.


Lastly, who doesn’t like porn? A chimpanzee in Spain named Gina has been found to be addicted to pornography. Primatologist Pablo Herreros made the discovery some years ago. Gina chose to solely watch adult entertainment when a TV and remote control was placed in her enclosure.

Herreros wrote, “What I could never imagine were the surprises prepared for me by a female of this species called Gina who inhabited Seville Zoo.

As a gift to Gina, officials have provided her a TV and a remote control so she could change the channels herself.

Everyone have a safe weekend,

Continue looking forward, never back.

until next week


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