Friday morning disaster

The following chronicles the events that occurred on Friday, March 1st. 2013. The following is a true story.

As you guys know, there are some major issues that are affecting America and the economy today. But, this is not that type of blog, so we are not going to discuss that.


As any working American, I woke up to go to work dreading Friday, because even though it’s almost the weekend, I still have to work on Friday. So I leave to ride the long luxurious limo that is the bus (egh)

Upon getting on the bus, I decide to be a rebel, and sit near the back of the bus. Not the last seat, but the second to last, because it’s Friday morning and I don’t want to get too wild. I’ll save that for later tonight.

Ok, so this bus has reclining seats, which are awesome!!

So…. the bus fills up with the regular old folks, college kids, and hobos who are going downtown to try their luck at panhandling, and just my luck! My reclining seat is broken. Normally I would have been upset if it was stuck in the upright position, but it was not. It was fully reclined. (Yay!)

I pull the chair up, not wanting to recline because I might fall asleep. (Note: Someone is sitting behind me. An older lady.)

At this point, I am trying to get comfortable, adjusting my belongings, and getting my iPod, generally, trying to get myself comfortable for the ride downtown.

As the bus pulls out, all of a sudden, the chair decides, on its own, acting free willingly to recline back. So yeah, I am now fully awake.

I sit up, leaving the chair reclined. The bus turned a corner and the chair fully reclined back. I know for a fact that the lady behind me is scared, thinking that she is going to get crushed by a large Hispanic.

And that is how I stayed.

Until I arrived at the city streets of downtown. Now the bus drivers (savvy as they are) know how to weave around traffic. During the “weaving”. Guess what happened? That’s right folks; my chair was not done instilling fear in me. It fully reclined all the way.

Alright, let me paint you a little picture.

I am sitting on a broken seat with a pop tart in my hand, listening to my iPod, listening to a sick remix when the chair reclined. In my surprise, I inhaled a piece of pop tart, which went down the wrong pipe. While trying to dislodge the tasty morning treat, I manage to let out a couple of loud snorts. The lady, in fright, let out a scream.

Yup, good morning to me.


In hindsight, there were various scenarios that could have played out, better that what actually happened.


I do not straighten myself up.

I do not pick up my things

I do not check to see if the lady behind me is ok

I managed to unlogged the cherry (oh yes cherry) pop tart from my throat and laugh. Yes munchkins, I laughed.

Mainly because it was a funny situation.

Not to worry, the lady behind me was ok, and she laughed along with me. I apologized for the scare and got off the bus.

This is all before 8am, with no coffee.

What I should mention is the lady (her name was Beth. Shout out to Beth!! My new bus buddy!) Was reading a Harry Potter book.

When I got off the bus, I did not properly gather my things. I am crossing the street, trying to juggle, my iPod, my remaining pop tart, my bag, my lunch, and the Chronicle. But I am not paying attention, so of course my attempts at juggling failed and my stuff starts falling everywhere, but what am I thinking about?

Harry Potter! I was trying to correlate the book that Beth was reading with the movie. (Beth….come on!) I kneel down to pick up my things, and I look up, with the sun blinding my eyes, notice, standing in front of me, a guy with glasses holding hands with a red headed girl…Harry? Ginny? Is that you?

At this point, I just give up. Fuck it Friday. I get my things and go to work to lead a very unproductive day.

Well kiddos that was my morning.

Until next time

Be sure to wrangle fried chicken. (IDK)



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