Is it because it’s Friday? Are people really that stupid? Whatever is going on in the world, these people makes us stop and say “What the fuck?


1. When you get the urge. A Pizza Hut employee was caught by the restaurants patrons looking at porn. The employee was on his break when he was caught looking at pictures of naked women. The manager, Alexis Cunningham was ok with the employee’s behavior the employee was on personal time, and express regret that the customers “had to see that.”

2. A make-up artist by the name of Sandra Holmbom created the following.


The self-taught artist has done several other works. Check out her blog here

3. A new craze is sweeping Asia called Potato Parties.

And you thought the Gangham Style was bad. Several Potato Parties are being held at McDonald’s. The low prices of fries have prompted many to order hundreds of dollars’ worth of fries. Have you ever wondered what $250 worth of McDonald’s fries look like?


You’re welcome.

4. Panda’s need love too. Its reported that Panda’s at the Edinburgh Zoo listen to Smooth radio to get them in the mood. You can read more about the zoo’s efforts to mate panda’s here.



Former Miss Teen Delaware, Melissa King, resigned her crown on Tuesday, following allegations claiming she appeared in a pornographic video. King has denied the allegations, claiming the  girl in the video is not her. A site called Youporn has offered the ousted pageant winner the title of Miss Youporn. The title will make her the official spokesperson for the site, offering her $250,000. It is not clear if the offer mentions King having sex on camera.  When on door closes, I guess

What is that Pic?

Mystery surrounds the identity of an animal's carcass found on a beach in Pembrokeshire

This picture comes to us from a beach in Wales, where a mysterious carcass washed ashore. What is it?



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