It’s Friday!!!


It’s time to roundup the news, things, photos and stories that makes you way What the Fuck?

First up.


In China, a love-struck man named Gou Wen 22 fell head over heels for Zeng Lin 19. The young man was so enamored by the young beauty that he decided to give her a gift. He presented her with a small bottle, which Zeng thought was moisturizer. After applying it to her face, and asking Gou Wen why it smelled strange, he confessed that it was a bottle of his sperm. She called police who promptly arrested Wen. He later apologized and was forced to pay a fine.

Chris Brown demonstrates that the Anger Management classes are working. 


Chris Brown became irate over an outrageous amount that he was being charged for valet parking. $10. Ridiculous. The singer arrived at the PINZ bowling alley in Los Angeles, on Wednesday. The bowling alley was hosting a charity event for A Place Called Home, called Stars and Strikes. The celebrity bowling and poker event had The Wanted, Pete Wentz, Nick Cannon and Will.I.Am. Brown was not featured as an attending celebrity. According to sources, Brown was upset because he was allegedly inside for 30 minutes and didn’t think he should pay. After yelling, he took his keys and drove away. No word if he paid the $10.

Virginity For Sale

Fellas, how much would you pay for a sex doll. Not to own one, but to have sex with one for a night.


Ahead of the first International Convention of Inflatable Dolls, (yes it’s a thing), Brazil unveiled the first “Real doll”, a sex doll with life like qualities. The online sex shop website, Sexonico, has started a bid war for the virginity of the doll named Valentina. You can see pictures of the “Real Dollhere. Be warned, the link is NSFW

A cheating man’s penis disappears after having sex with a married woman.


Phibion Mutize from Bulawayo, (for those of you too lazy to Google, it is in Zimbabwe) has been living with this condition for four months. His manhood disappeared whenever he gets ready to make love to his wife. It began after Mutize had sex with a married woman.  He has tried several options to cure his condition, including seeing a Sangoma (traditional healer).

 Killed over a “Small penis”


A woman in Indonesia drowned her nine-year old son, alleging she was worried that his “small penis” would affect his future.

The 38 year old woman “drowned her son in a bathtub full of water. She then dressed him and laid him on a bed. After that, she went to a nearby police office to report her crime.” The woman was apparently aware of her crimes, but a full psychological review was still ordered.

Rounding out weird news is this video from YouTube user. Umdoente. Enjoy!

You continued scrolling past the funny video.


That was the end of the post. Until next Friday, if you want your WTF fix, just look at your friends, I’m pretty sure they can provide stupid, mindless entertainment.

Bye Kiddos.

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