Spring is here!

Winter came.Snow

and it sucked

Night Snow

and all winter you were..
Bored So you stayed in doors and ate

Patrick chewing
Patrick chewing

and relaxed

Lazy catand ate..

patrick eats in bedwithout a care in the world.

big woman dance

Then spring arrived!!

Spring You survived the harsh cold winter!!

Dr. WhoThen you look around your home

Emma Stoneand you realize its time for spring cleaning.

Sassy girl

So you get out your cleaning supplies…


You put in your earphones..

tumblr_inline_mi33nitzDS1qfjgvvand you start cleaning with style


Then you look in the mirror

Honey Boo Booand you realize you’ve gained a few.

The Simpson's MillhouseSo you decide to start jogging

Jogging Fail

Friends Rachel

and you go to the gym

Gym FailYou encounter setbacks

tumblr_maiy27CWkk1rbqqfoo1_500But you power on

tumblr_mfee0s7bO71qfxc6ho1_400Until you achieve results

tumblr_mcl3eyusPD1ro3593o1_r1_250tumblr_mghqo9rVnY1s31nuwo1_400Because you are ready for summer!


Today marks the first official day of spring! The days will be longer and the weather will get warmer. Go out and enjoy!


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