Happy Friday everyone. I want to start off with this picture,


This woman was attending a Wrestlemania on Sunday at the Metlife stadium in New Jersey, took the opportunity to put her cheating husband on blast.

It is Friday, and it’s time to roundup the news, things, photos and stories that makes you way What the Fuck?

1. Caught by Google Street View.

A couple in Australia saw the Google Street View car coming and decided to “pose” for the camera. The couple pretended to have sex on the side of the road. Here with what Google captured.

Google Street View

2. Attack of the Wasp.

Gigantic Wasp Nest
Gigantic Wasp Nest

A large was nest was discovered in an abandoned home in San Sebastian De la Gomera in the Canary Islands. The impressive nest was a gigantic 21 foot 9 inch big.

3. Just because you birthed them doesn’t mean you have to love them.

The “Daily Mail” published a first-person story last week by Isabella Dutton, who declared that her children were “the biggest regret of her life” You can read the full article here


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