Movie Friday

Movie Premiere
Movie Premiere

Happy Friday!

Lets take a moment of gratitude for Friday.

It’s that time that Hollywood roll out their blockbuster hopefuls.

First up.


Starring Tom Cruise. as Jack Harper, a repairman service man stationed on the dying planet Earth. This movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski who made Tron: Legacy.


There is no denying the movie itself is visually stunning in creating a world destroyed by war, but the story itself falls flat.


The movie is a whopping 2 hrs and 5 minutes and currently holds a 58% fresh rating from rotten tomatoes.

Also, out in limited release today is,

Filly Brown
Filly Brown

Filly Brown star Gina Rodriguez in a break out performance. She is a Latina MC who has a desire to get signed.

Filly Brown
Jenni Rivera in Filly Brown

Her mother (played by the late Jenni Rivera) is service a 10 year sentence in prison, where her release depends on whether Majo can get some cash.

The movie is 1 hr and 40 mins long.


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