Weekend Box Office Round Up

Weekend Box Office Round Up

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This was the final weekend before the official start of the summer movie season and Iron Man 3 proved to be a force to be reckoned with. During a slow movie weekend, “Pain & Gain” topped the box office with $20,000,000 to take the tops stop. The debut fared better than the previous release of Mark Wahlburgs film, “Broken City” with topped with only $25,500,000 total US gross.

The only other release was Lionsgate “The Big Wedding” which fizzled at number 4 making $7,500,000. The star studded movie failed with critics and audiences, which received a “C” from cimenascore.

Next weekend “Iron Man 3” premieres in the US. The film opened this weekend in 42 overseas markets where it amassed $195.3 million. It ranked higher than “The Avengers” who made $185.1 million on its respected overseas debut. The movie has yet to open in China, Germany and Russia where it is estimated to raise its total.

The film is expected to open at an estimated $150 million next weekend.

The top 10 movies are ranked below


Pain and Gain
Pain and Gain



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