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Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Time to relax, enjoy good company, and good food, because basically you deserved it.

You work hard all week, year around.

Work Hard

You’ve spent all year in school, studying,

Study Hard

so you are looking forward to some fun

Cause we like to party

Its finally time. The weekend is here.

Supernatural Jensen Anckles

You can go on a road trip, any where you want

Road Trip

And share the road with other drivers

Road Trip

Or you can fly, but you would have to deal with a crowded airport

Crowded Airportand you would have to rush, not to miss your flight

Crowded Airport

and deal with the flight attendants

Crowded Airport

just so you can get to your destination

Crowded Airport

Finally you can relax on the beach,

Beach Fail

and enjoy time with your friends

Kick Fail

and have a good time

Slide FailOf course you are going to drink

Double Fisted

Or you can stay home and enjoy time in the pool

Pool Fail

and spend some quality time with your kids,

Swing Fail

and show them that you are a good parent.

Parent Fail

or just play with your pet

Pet Failbut don’t forget to fire up that Barbecue

BBQ Fail

But don’t lose sight of the real meaning of this holiday

US Troops

Arlington Field Cemetary

Pay your respects for the fallen men and woman who gave their lives for this country and for you freedom.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend.

Until next time.


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