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Movie Friday: World War Z and Monsters University


Premiering this weekend are is a highly anticipated sequel and a big budget action movie.

First up..

World War Z
World War Z

How do you fix a problem like “World War Z?” With an extensive re shoot of the third act. Released six months after its initial release date, World War Z is getting seemingly positive reviews despite a trouble production. It currently holds a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film stars Brad Pitt as as Gerry Lane, a retired U.N employee. He has to try to find a way to end a fast spreading zombie apocalypse. The film presents their zombie’s as fast moving and agile, jumping and biting every living creature.
The film is heavy on special effects, but side steps on character development. There is no real reason given why Gerry (Pitt) left the U.N. His family is transferred to a safe zone and are safe. They are in no real danger, they have nothing to do but wait.

Next up is..


The sequel to 2001’s “Monsters Inc” finds the main characters attending college, before they became scare buddies. The film, sans “Boo”, finds Mike and Sully in college learning the basics of scaring. The movie shows the pair not hitting if off as best friends. Sully comes from a long line of scarers, so he comes off as lazy, while Mike is a small monster of just teeth and eye. The movie is filled with enough lessons on friendships and determination, while it does not pull at the heart strings like other Pixar films. With a slate of summer movies with action, violence, and evil characters, this movie is free from it all. There is no set bag guy with a plan to bring down Mike and Sully. Additionally, with a slate of 3D flicks coming our way (next up is “Despicable Me 2”) it would be interesting to see how this movie holds up.

Until Next Time

Monsters University
Monsters University

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