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Thank You

This post officially marks my one year anniversary.

Celebration Who's line is it anyways

I have been officially blogging for one year.

30 Rock Liz Lemon Celebration

In the past year, I have learned a lot about my passion. I discovered that I was not quite as talented as I thought I was, and trying to turn my hobby into my profession was a daunting task.

As any blogger knows, a lot of hours are poured into your site, from the actual site design, to the post, to research and everything else in between.

In the past year, my blog and my writing style have transformed. I’ve jumped from purposeful, thought out articles, to just posting content, to a more comedic approach to my post. No blog is cookie cutter. One has to experiment with their blog and see what works for both you (the writer) and your audience.

As I enter my second year, I plan on adding more to this site than just posts. Additionally my posts would also change, since as a writer, my style keeps evolving. I want to thank all my followers for sticking with my during my journey. I also want to thank my readers who casually read one of my articles and never return. To you, I hope you enjoyed my post, my insight into newsworthy topics, even if you do not return to my site.

I am excited for the journey ahead of me, and I am excited for you to see what I have waiting for you.

Once again I would like to say, “Thank You!”

Thank You Jesus
Thank You
Thank You Despicable Me Minions
Thank You
Thank You Dog Gif
Thank You
Thank you Old SPice Man
Thank you from the Old Spice Man
I Love You thank you minions
Thank You from dwight
Thank You from Dwight
Thank you to my follower
Thank you to my followers
Thank you for following
Thank you for following
Marilyn Monroe
I love you all
Thank You Beyonce
Thank You

Until Next Time

Good bye
Good bye

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