Canceled! New T.V Season off to a whimper…


The fall 2013 TV season is already well underway with the 4 major networks already premiering their slate of offerings. This season, ABC was the first in cancelling a freshmen series. That honor went to CBS last year, when they cancelled Made In Jersey” after two episodes. “Lucky 7″ was cancelled and pulled from the schedule after two dismal airings.

Lucky 7 premiered to 4.57 million viewers on September 24th. The second episode shredded nearly 50% of the viewers, dipping down to 2.62 million viewers.

The only network still waiting to premiere their new shows is The CW with “The Originals” premiering on 10/08, “The Tomorrow People” on 10/09 and “Reign” on 10/17.

With the numbers for the new shows rolling in, the news is a bad one for the networks.

On ABC, excluding the aforementioned “Lucky 7”, the Disney network has premiered 7 of the 8 new fall shows. The stand out is “Agents of SHIELD” which premiered with big numbers. The first episode was watched by 12.12 (4.7) but dropped to 8.66 million (3.3) for its second episode. “Betrayal” showed dismal numbers, while “Super Fun Night”, “The Goldbergs” and “Back in the Game” has shown promise. These shows only aired one episode, so viewer retention would be key for their success. “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” is the remaining show scheduled to premiere later this month. ABC has 4 shows waiting for mid-season.

Over at NBC, “Blacklist” premiered with high numbers (12.58m) and managed to retain viewers only dropping slightly for the second episode. “Sean Saves the World” and “Welcome to the Family” came in with a whimper each premiering with 4.73m and 2.99m respectively. The critically acclaimed, “The Michael J Fox Show” debuted to so-so numbers, (7.50m) but its most recent airing dipped to 5.92 (1.9). “Ironside” premiered as the worst drama for NBC with 6.81. NBC has one show (Intelligence) waiting for Mid-Season

On Fox, if ABC won for the first cancelled show, then Fox won for the first freshman series to get a second season renewal. The winner here is “Sleepy Hollow” which premiered with 10.10 m (3.4).

Over at CBS, the clear winner is “The Crazy One” which premiered to 15.52 m (3.9) and dipped to 11.76m (2.9) for the second episode. “The Millers” performed strongly with 13.15 m (4.5). “Mom” premiered to 7.99m, which is CBS’s lowest rated sitcom, while “Hostages” debuted with a lower than expected 7.41m.

Most of these series have only aired their first episode, so the coming weeks would tell if they are more likely to be renewed or cancelled.

ABC's Lucky 7
ABC’s Lucky 7




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