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Creepiest Places..

Its almost Halloween. If you’re looking for a scare there are many places around the world that are straight up creepy and scary. If you have time, money and the courage, go visit some of these places.

1. Aokigahara Forest

The Aokigahra forest is located at the base of Mt. Fuji and has become the second most popular place to die. The forest has several nicknames, including Sea of Trees, Suicide Forest, and Japan’s Demon Forest. The forest is home to at least 500 confirmed deaths since the 1950’s. The forest is devoid of any wildlife. The area is rocky and filled with over 200 caves. The forest has become so thick that its possible to find complete darkness during the day. In 2007, the suicides came into national news, that the Japanese government began to perform sweeps of the forest to clear the dead bodies. 78 bodies were discovered that year. By 2003, the number had climbing to 100. The actual number of bodies found has not been release by the Japanese government since.

2. Jatinga

The BIrds
A small village in India with a population of an estimated 2500, there is a small strip 1.5 k long where birds commit suicide. During the months of September through November, after the sun has set, the birds fly to their deaths. Its not suicide necessarily, the birds appear dazed or confused and become attracted to light. They fly full speeds toward the light source, crashing to their deaths

3. Takakonuma Greenland Park

This abandoned park is located in Hobara Japan. It originally opened in 1973, but was closed a couple years later, speculated to be due to multiple deaths at the park. The park reopened in 1986 but officially closed in 1999. Takakonuma is literally located in the middle of nowhere, since its not located on any official maps. There is little information available about the park, so why it closed twice is still unconfirmed.

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4.The Overtoun Bridge


Located near the village of Milton in West Dunbartonshire,is the Overtoun Bridge. The bridge has claimed countless lives as an several dogs have committed suicide there. Yes dogs. The bridge has claimed at least one canine a month. Onlookers have noticed that the pooches climb the parapet wall and jump. The dogs that survive the jump go back and jump again! Whats odd is that the dogs jump from the same side, between the last two parapets on the right hand side of the bridge. Several theories and explanations have been said, but 600 dogs have lost their lives.

5. San Zhi Resort
Located in Taiwan, the construction of a vacation resort began in the 1980’s. Construction was quickly abandoned due to several deaths during the construction. What remained are several pod shaped homes. The site is currently under construction. The pods have been demolished and plans of a seaside resort and water park are being constructed.

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6. Winchester Mystery House

Haunted House Winchester

There is a house in San Jose CA, that was constantly under construction for 38 years straight. The home belonged to Sarah Winchester who constantly had the home under construction around the clock until 1922. The home grew so massive it was at one point seven stories high. it was design like a maze, with long hallways, dead ends, doors to no where and stairs that lead to the ceiling.

7. Isla de las Munecas

Islas de las Munecas dolls creepy gif
The island, located in Mexico, translates to the Island of the Dolls. The island population was a whopping 1. Don Julian Santana Barrera collected the dolls and hung them all around the island. Its stated in an unconfirmed story that a small girl drowned in the canal near the island. Barrera found a doll in the water where the girl drowned. The next 50 years saw Barrera collecting trashed mutilated dolls. In 2001 Barrera drowned in the same canal as the girl

8. Varosha

In the 1970’s luxury was synonymous with Famagusta in Cypres. Varosha was a popular travel destination. The area had several high rise hotels, including, King George Hotel, The Asterias Hotel, The Grecian Hotel, The Florida Hotel and the Argo Hotel. A major street, named Leonidas, contained major shopping centers and stores, many bars, restaurants, nightclubs and a Toyota dealership. After the Turkish invasion in 1974, the residents, fearing a massacre, fled the area. Due to the UN Security Council Resolution 550, the resettling of the area has become impossible. The area, once a popular destination, now is left abandoned

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9. Helltown

In 1806, the village of Boston was founded in Ohio’s Summit County and prospered until 1974, when something very weird happened. President Gerald Ford signed a bill to authorize turning the area into a national park, and the Parks Service bought all the houses and boarded them up. No park was ever built. The steep Stanford Road drop off, immediately followed by a dead end, is frequently referred to as “The End of the World.

10. Humberstone and LaNoria

These two are abandoned towns of Chile that were used for mining. The rumors are that the residents of the LaNoria cemetery wake up in the night and walk about the time. These ghosts are not shy and they frequently appear in the photographs. People even hear the children playing. Also the graves are always open and you can actually see the skeletons of the people.

11. Povelgia Island Italy

Poveglia Island is a small island near Venice in Italy. The island was used to isolate plague victims on two occasions. There they were quarantined and left to die. During the Bubonic plague, anybody with a sign of sickness was sent to the island. There is a death pit, where the infected were thrown in and burned. an estimated 160,000 people died on the island. In 1922 an asylum was built there where a doctor routinely performed weird experiments and tortured the patients.


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